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Old 2005-01-04, 11:22
dominik18s dominik18s is offline
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What if Reason 3 had an optional add on "Audio In" feature?

Dear Reason makers and users,

What if Reason Version 3.0 had an "Optional" add on "Audio In" feature for a small additional fee, that way people with the need for "Audio In" would have the option to purchase it seperately.

I'd also like to mention that there's a way to input audio into Reason 2.5, I have done it before, but the way I did it is not meant for this purpose, which in turn makes it pretty unconvenient to alter, edit, or ever re-record the audio you've inputted because you need a seperate program to record it with, such as "Pro Tools" or something similar, but it is possible, and may just work in certain situations. I inputted the audio through the NN-XT Remote Editor, which is the lower retractable part of the NN-XT, the part that opens up when you press the little arrow/triangle on the lower left-hand side of the NN-XT. Once you input your audio into the NN-XT, you can play your audio using a keyboard/midi controller.

What you need:

1. a microphone
2. a program to record audio with
3. a keyboard/midi controller

Like I said before, this method will only work in a limited number of situations and certainly won't eliminate the need/want for "Audio In".


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