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Big Band with 75 Tracks!

Check out my latest big band composition in REASON.

Song: Don't Look Back

It features 3 trumpets (each with 9 tracks), two trombones (each with 6 tracks), and 3 saxaphones (each with 8 tracks). I then have 4 drum kits, two pianos, electric piano, two basses, two choirs, and a muted guitar.

Each of the brass tracks uses a different intonation for the sample (e.g., straight, vibrato, rips, slides, swells, trills, etc.). It's amazing what you have to do to cobble it all together to get something to sound expressive.

It all runs (barely) on my little 500 MHz PowerBook G3 laptop with 640 Megs of RAM.

Let me know what you think,
Jeff Steinman


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