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Tempo, time sig, cables: A HISTORY

Automated tempo and time signature change, and a feature to view only the cables of a selected device.

These 3 features have been requested for several years now, certainly since version 1 (that came out in 2001?). It's likely that by this time (2005) propellerheads are aware that many users would welcome these features. Unfortunately for these users, propellerhead have had 3 opportunities to include these features (Reason 2.0, 2.5, and 3.0), and several years. So it seems that propellerhead don't believe incorporating these features is a worthwhile investment.

I assume this is a simple business decision about what sells. That is, not an issue like audio-in.The absence of audio-in is generally discussed as an issue of PRINCIPLE, such that audio-in is something which threatens the very nature of reason. I can't believe that any such principle, even if it applies to audio-in, would really apply to these time, temp, and cable features.

So as a simple business decision, yes ok, I can imagine new users are likely to more attracted to the idea of "mastering tools", than by whether automated tempo change is possible or not.

Many have pointed out that tempo and time change can be done through rewire. That's true to an extent. But compare the amount of work you need to do to accelerate the tempo a few bpm and back down, using rewire, reason, and a rewire host like tracktion, to automating a synth control *within* Reason. That's why people would like tempo and time sig automation within reason.

The cable situation is mysterious to me. The cables are a cool visual effect, the way they swing when you TAB the rack around is fun to watch. But as the number of devices grows, it gets really hard to work out what's connected to where. That's why people have been requesting this feature for several years. The visual problem of seeing and tracing the connections has only gotten more noticable with the spiders in reason 2.5. The spiders allowing greater flexibility in wiring, and higher cable density. This seems very unfortunate to me, because it means that the cables are reduced to merely a visual effect, without much function.

So why this post? What is the point of submitting the value of features which have been requested for years, when the message from the developers is already pretty clear, THESE WILL NOT BE IMPLEMENTED.

I don't know. It's not a rational act.

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