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Reason Editing Suite

My suggestion for a new feature is a possible separate program to accompany Reason or to upgrade Recycle to. There has been many a topics about people wishing to unpack REfills, but what we really need is an editing suit that would allow us to REarrange, REorganize, and REfix our REfills. What would be nice is if this were integrated into Recycle. So that we could open a specific REfill into REcycle edit it the REx files in it, and save them back into the REfill, Delete specific files in the REfill, add new files to the REfill and merge (or migrate) files between REfills. There are countless user made refills out there full of crap or bad RExs in them. We need to tools to sift through the crap and edit the refills along with the rexs. It would even be nice if you could open up just a single malstrom from a patch in a refill, and edit it, and the ideas of a REason REfill Editing Suite are endless.

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