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Future Reason 3.0 or the next one

Please make a Reason in which you can record vocals and can be compatible with other programs, such as IComplete so that I can use my VSTs. Make it where you can reverse songs, samples, instruments, etc. When I use other drum kit sounds that are not from Reason, Reason brings the quality down and I would like for Reason to either make the quality better or keep it at the quality it started with. Please create more sounds, a lot more electric guitar, more piano, more harp sounds, more synths, better bass, guitar. And over all better drum kit packages, more hip hop instead of techno and rock N roll. Create a Reason that is compatible with outside devices, such as the Motif-Rack. Please intergrate these ideas into Reason 3.0 or the next one if it's too late. I've always wanted to do music and never could find anything that suited me, until I found Reason and I fell in love with it. I've made great music in Reason and I know that my suggestions would make my Reason experiences in more wonderful. I love Reason and recommend it to everyone!

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