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I've never written a Metal Tune

OK... There's a bet here. I am a Reason User and my buddy is an Acid user. He thinks that Reason is toyish and I repeatedly defend my choice in software. His choice is based on the audio recording abilities in Acid (which I respect) but point out to him that Reason is not to be overlooked and is not only for music of the electronic nature. So he challenged me to write a Hevy Metal song. I took the challenge just to prove my point. But, I mostly write electronic and Hip Hop tracks. So I may have overstepped my boundaries. Anyway, his rules were as follows : 1. Song must be limited to Guitars, Basses, Real drums etc. (no background synths) 2. It must be completely written and recorded in Reason (can't rewire to record an audio track) and 3. It must sound fairly convincing.

So here is the result. Below is a link to the track. It surely isn't a chart topper (Metallica will still be in business). If there are any metal enthusiasts (or anyone with the time for that matter) who would comment if it is convincing before I render my wok for his judgement I would be greatful. Again, keep in mind, this is not my genre. So the song may be horrible but does is sound like it came from a computer. Many thanks.


*Note - Song is four tracks in the NN-XT: One Rhythm and one lead guitar, One bass and one acoustic drum set

ps - would post a RPS but the file is HUGE!

MP3 at: Tune 01.mp3


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