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Old 2005-01-28, 10:18
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Can I increase volume w/out increasing 'audio out clipping'?

Topic: {Can I increase volume w/out increasing 'audio out clipping'?}
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Hi, this is a question for anyone who's anyone ...

In order to remove all, or at least most of the 'audio out clipping', I had to turn the main Mixer volume a good ways down. So sound quality is great, but it would be nice to bring up the audio volume to a level more comparable to that of CD's for example. How have others combatted this issue in the past? Better samples/patches come to mind. Although compressors help with this, keeping all of my sounds/samples at a similar level also comes to mind, that way one won't ruin it for the rest of them, although that can only do so much. Perhaps there is a way to increase the volume of a song outside of Reason?

I bet there's a book out there that covers this topic, perhaps by our buddy "Peff" amongst others, I'm not sure, would anyone happen to know? If not, I've got some digging to do, don't I!

But before I finish, let me put my question into a different perpective, one that's more to the point. For example, if I was going to release a CD nationally, how would I go about increasing the volume on that CD to a reasonable level? By the way, I'm not releasing any CD's nationally, this was for example purposes only. I'm not famous yet!

Bottom Line:
Is there a way to increase the volume without creating and/or increasing the amount of 'audio out clipping'?

Thanks For The Help,

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