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Custom devices

It would be very cool to be able to write one's own devices (in a programming language like C or C++) and load them into Reason at run-time. There would have to be some sort of API or library that interfaces with Reason.

I suppose only a few of us would actually use the feature, but that way, those who are able to could write modules that others might find useful. There could be a "third-party modules" section on this website where developers could upload their modules and others could download them, rate them, etc.

A pitfall here is that malicious code could be executed on another user's machine, possibly infecting or damaging it. There should at least be printed a warning to the screen whenever you attempt to load/execute the work of a third party, possibly some kind of file signing that could be performed by Propellerhead employees to ensure that a piece of software is safe. Maybe the library/API could be released under a license which requires that all software using it must be open source?

I'd do it if I could.

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