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Help with Live and Plug-ins

Hey, I have recently got Live and been using it with Reason, but I wanted to ask some advice considering I always get very good help on this forum for any music related questions. I was wondering a few things.
First- What plug ins would you recommend me getting to use along with Live. I was thinking about Pluggo...or if anyone has had any really good experience with that or another just gimme some feedback.

Second- Do I need to get a more strict "waveform editing" software, or can live do all that, let's say a software like Peak for Mac can do? (I still havent figured a lot about Live out, and today I was tryin to reverse a waveform and couldnt figure it out.)

Third- If it is really beneficial to get another piece of software for waveform editing, then what should I get, b/c Peak is only for Mac and I have WIndows XP. I've used diff ones like DP and Adobe Audition, and liked Peak the best cuz its so straightforward and full of possibilities. But I can't run it on windows so I'm looking for a similar Windows compatible program.

Hit me back with some help! My trust for advice remains with the Reason users!!!

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