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GM channel assigment question

Okay, so if I want to make MIDI files that conform to the GM standard, and as a result I want to have an instance of the NNXT sampler loaded with GM drum sounds coming out of CHANNEL 10, the GM drum channel.

And there's my question: HOW do I put it in channel 10? I have it in 10 on the MIDI IN DEVICE, but that only controls INs and not OUTs apparently.

And right now an instance of the RV-7 Reverb is occupying MIDI channel 10. How can I change which channel things are assigned to on their way OUT?

If it helps, I'm using Reason via ProTools 6.7 with ReWire, and it's in the PT Mix Window's channel output section where I see where each Reason module is routed out to.

I hope I'm not being too confusing! Any help from anyone who might know what I'm talking about?


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