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ReBirth at multiple BPM rates

Hey guys,
I played around with ReBirth at my friends' studio a LOT lately, and now I'm thinking of purchasing it, so I'm wondering about a few things:

1. ReBirth cuts up with the DirectX drivers of the card in our "less-featured" budget workstation that ReBirth was on (and my card's too, since it's the same cheap crap SB Live :P), but if I run it through ReWire and Cubase, it runs great, since Cubase runs on the ASIO drivers. The card in question is an SB Live and the drivers are from
is it possible to run ReBirth with the kX ASIO drivers? Is it, alternatively, possible to run multiple instances of ReBirth through ReWire?

2. Is it possible to run multiple instances of ReBirth through ReWire, with different BPM speeds? I see a lot of potential in having two 303s running at 145 BPM and two at 290 BPM, in sync Or perhaps one at 72 BPM too for a nice bassy thingie 8)

3. Is it possible to run multiple instances of Rebirth through ReWire, each with different mods? I haven't played around with mods yet, but I've heard some samples and they seem real nice.

4. Do any of the mods also change the sound of the 303s, or just the drum kits?

5. Stupid question, but I couldn't find it: is there MIDI learn in ReBirth?

6. Is it possible to play the 303 note-wise from an external controller? I'm thinking of something like the performance sequencer at, for example. Is it possible to trigger the drumkits similarly?


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