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The quality waht I miss

Ladies and Gens,
I see now version 3 is the hot topics, I like to go back to version 2.5.
In the last months I have been working on my next album for what I used plugins from Spectrasonics,
sample CDs/libraries, plugins from Cubase SX3 and Sonar SP3.

My Reason 2.5 did not come to much to the game, but recently I started
to use it a lot in a standalone mode.

... and I noticed (after beeing for a longer periode with other sound sorces/plugins)
that the Reason's sound quality is just somehow lower compared to the rest.
I run Reason 2.5 at 48KHz, currently all my projects are 48kHz/24 bit.

Typical examples: using Subtractor for pads,
the notch/bandpass filters or give me a very strong honky tone, or a very strong hollow sound,
so no way to get a nice smooth sound-perhaps the subtractor is not good for that.
I know that ther is a slider for the resonance next to the cutoff slider.

Another example in Subtractor:
I have also noticed, using low pass filters,
that at the low frequencies there is a strange low frequency cut.

I would say I understand this, since many low frequencies are not audible, etc...,
but One can see (using a low pass filter within Subtractor),
that in the frequency spectrum a kind of notch filter is also applied at 30-50 Hz,
i.e. area around 40 Hz is deeply cut but frequencies below 40 Hz are just
again back with full volume.
This should not be the case, correct?

So I say: the filters in subtractor are as they are, so I introduce the
voccoder/equalizer (between the Subtractor and the Mixer).
Things gets even stranger: 32 band mode EQ is affecting the subtractor sound
very badly, FFT mode is better, but still no good.

Another point: I load a string section to the NNXT sampler, sounds fine,
but if I try to close the main filter a bit, many unvanted artifacts appears, like phasing...
Without touching the filter section the sound is more or less OK.

Any comment is very much welcome.


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