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Old 2005-02-24, 08:27
flotzilla flotzilla is offline
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Velocity sensitive knobs on Combinator

I hope that the knobs on the combinator are velocity sensitive, or can be set-up to be. This would add such a a HUGE dynamic to the music, especially for those who play live. You would no longer be limited to the 'few' options already available on each device (as far as what velocity levels affect). You would be able to control pretty much everything in Reason with velocity levels. Velocity controlled panning, why not? Velocity sensitve EQ'ing, sure. Velocity controlled distortion just like a real guitar, you betcha! Instead only being able to control envelope amounts, you could use velocity to totally control the shape of the envelope as well. This would be so sweet.

There should be a virtual knob in Combi control window with a target +/- effect (just like velocity controllers/sends on the synths). A more positive velocity value affects the target in a more negative way. Seperate virtual knobs for each target, of course.

It would also be cool to be able to define target limits/ranges (ala NN-XT velocity switching). Then you could use velocity to do things like select drum patterns. Program a handfull of patterns then use a single key's velocity level to select the pattern. I think it would give a nice randomness to the music since it's pretty much impossible to get the exact same velocity value two times in a row, well except 0 and 127.

The possibilities are as endless as the Combinator's, even more so. Until your CPU run's out of gas, that is.

Anyway, I'm buying 3.0 upgrade regardless. These features may already be implemented, but if they are not, they darn well oughtta be in 3.5.

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