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Old 2005-03-01, 18:54
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Where do I start.. What type of PC do I need, etc?

I plan on buying Reason 3.0 a PC, etc.. What kind of PC desktop to buy, what specs to run smoothly.. Keep in mind I don't care about playing videogames, etc. Probably use MS word/excel, just the basics. but the main purpose for me buying is to start Reason.. I have zero experience creating music and I'm not really good with PC's but I have a friend that is great with them.

Also, what kind of keyboard, etc is good to buy.. I want to learn how to play piano, etc on the side as well.

I guess you would need a budget, but I'm not sure what it is? what should I expect to spend initially? I'm sure I can add on later extra's if needed..

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