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Reason 2.5 and audio device sharing

I'm running Reason 2.5 on Windows XPSP2 and DirectX 9, with an Echo Indigo I/O soundcard. Reason has worked and sounded great, but it appears to be extremely jealous with the sound card. While other programs share audio output nicely (Cakewalk Sonar, Winamp, WMP, etc. etc.) and can be run simultaneously, Reason simply will not accept the presence of another program using the soundcard. If there is another program running that uses the soundcard, Reason will not initialize properly and proclaim that the audio device is unavailable. If I run another program after opening Reason--say, if I wanted to ReWire into Sonar--the other program will find the audio device unavailable.

The Indigo audio drivers make 4 different virtual outs (which are MME) and I have played with different combinations in different programs to get things to work alongside Reason, but so far nothing has worked out. Reason will only play on the ASIO WDM device. I'm not sure if it even matters which driver I choose in any program; it seems like Reason just needs exclusive access to the sound card. I know this can't be right. Any ideas fellas?

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