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We have at last found an mp3 artist upload site that actually has a fair charts system that's not based on crap artist's at the NO 1 postion or greed such as Vitaminic, Soundclick & Music We have spoken to the owner of the site and he has assured us that the chart system will always be fair. He is an artist himself and knows the score. There are plenty of people from within the music industry who visit this site and ask for all sorts of different genre of music for different projects etc. This guy is the underdog against the big boys and he is trying to upgrade this site. We know there are some great artist's on this forum and as fellow artist's would love you to join us on this site and help the underdog and save us from our own music. If you wanna do something good for yourselves and others, keep this
link at the top of the post, don't be just a number, be HEARD! spread the word and leave Soundclick etc, etc.

Peace Out
P.O.O. AKA Synthex

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