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Old 2005-03-11, 19:11
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A Very Technical Question: Getting better sound from Reason


My question is about sound quality in Reason....

I am not the most fullfilled by it, however I do realize there are ways to work around it.

First, however I would like to know exactly what Reason is doing to my samples!

I understand [through word of mouth] that Reason automatically reduces all sounds -3db, the purpose being to allow more head room within the speakers.

Is this true?

As well is Reason doing anything else to the sound that I am unaware of? [If you wish to explain the algorithmic programming behind Reason, and the way it calculates a sound file than that is fine, I will understand.]

I am aware that there are tools within Reason to change this and to allow the sound to be brought out more, with use of the Scream module, Mixer and the EQ module!

However my approach is different, and from an Engineering stand point I am unsure if it is correct.

This is what I am doing.

I am creating my samples in Reason, than exporting them as wave files.

Than with the use a wave editor [WaveLab from Steinberg] I am:
1. Normalizing all waves to -1db.
2. Removing any DC offset.
3. Converting it into a mono file. [to save disk space]

My question is, is this approach correct? Should I be equalizing my samples within Reason, and not WaveLab? Is it a good idea to normalize all my wave files to -1db?

As well does anyone know of a basic intro book on Mastering & Equalization out there?



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