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Playing Reason 3.0 Live

I just ordered 3.0 and know that it supports a lot of new Live features that it didn't before. When it comes to electronic music, I have always done all my music creation and mixing soley with software and a few simple external devices, such as my digital piano and my M-Audio mobile pre-amp. Since I have found out about the Live capabilities of 3.0 I have become more interested in this area of electronic music creation, and have a few questions that I need help answering.

First of all, is there a kind of device that you can use to externally sequence your music/tracks in Reason? I find the sequencer in Reason to be tedious to use at many times. I just wanted to know if there is an easier way to sequence tracks and songs, cuz when I use that it takes up more time than thinking up and recording the tracks, and I often lose valuable ideas and potential creativity. To much precision required in the clicking and dragging.

Second, I want to get some hardware so that I can integrate, say.... a jazz piece that I've written with the functions and capabilities of Reason and play some live gigs. However, due to my Live inexperience, I am not sure what the best stuff is to get and I don't want to waste my money getting the wrong thing. It's hard to find out what everything is and the best choices by searching online, plus I don't really know any reliable sources to ask this information. So, I come to you, the loyal Reason user to give me guidance.
All the complaining during 2.5 about no live capabilities in reason got me wondering what the big deal was, and now that 3.0 has come out with a large focus on the live integration, I want in on the knowledge.
So, budget/prices not in mind, what are some different devices that would prove the most beneficial along with Reason, and what exactly would they do. Like what exactly is a Midi controller, is there external sequencing?, and what would you recommend that I consider buying.

Thanks for the help my fellow Prop users.

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