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Old 2005-03-14, 05:33
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Reason 3.0 and the Behringer BCF2000 B-Control: GET THEM NOW

Taken from a thread began in the Phead User Forum in case anyone is on the fence:'s the best $200 USD I've ever spent on my Reason setup!

Setup without a hitch; had to update the firmware to 1.07 first, but that was easy enough using Behringer's website. The cool part is, no drivers were needed to be installed; the B-Control BCF2000 is USB-class compliant (this means no drivers needed for WinXP/OSX).

My initial impressions?

Stunning - I have no idea how I used Reason prior to the BCF2000. The build quality is solid (especially for a relatively inexpensive controller like this), the motorized faders are - in a word - brilliant, and the 360 degree knob pots are perfect for Reason.

I turned on the B-Control, let WinXP do it's thang, launched Reason, went into Preferences and let it auto-detect the controller, and then it lit up like a Christmas tree. The LCD screen animated this spinning (square) wheel, and the sliders reset to the bottom with a "snap!"

Created a mixer & sequencer track for it, the sliders slid to their respective positions. I created a Malstrom and they slid into place - THIS...THING...ROCKS!

People, I highly recommend the BCF2000. Before I had one, I was looking at the UC33.

No thanks!

I couldn't imagine the UC33 getting even remotely *close* to the kick-ass factor of motorized sliders. The new ReMote technology in Reason 3.0 is a godsend; simple yet brilliant. Well, simple for us users but I can imagine the man hours put into programming the ReMote templates by the Props. Speaking of which, thank you Propellerheads for implementing ReMote. It's brilliant and makes using Reason *SO MUCH EASIER*. The GIF at the top of this post is actual footage of my BCF2000 in action.

Get one. Get one now.



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