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Old 2005-03-14, 05:35
anthonyw anthonyw is offline
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Acidic Reality presents: "Rampage" (Underground Dance)

Hey everyone, if you like underground dance music then check out my newest single!

Acidic Reality - "Rampage" (Main Mix)

So far there are 3 other artists that will be remixing for the single. I'm looking for 2 more.

Tell me what you think!


Rampage \Ramp"age\ (r[a^]mp"[asl]j; 4), n. [See Ramp, v.]
Violent or riotous behavior; a state of excitement, passion,
or debauchery; as, to be on the rampage. [Prov. or Low]
[1913 Webster]

Rampage \Ramp"age\, v. i.
To leap or prance about, as an animal; to be violent; to
rage. [Prov. or Low]
[1913 Webster]

n : violently angry and destructive behavior [syn: violent disorder]
v : act violently, recklessly, or destructively
Acidic Reality - "Rampage" (Main Mix)

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