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Old 2005-03-15, 20:19
Ruvidan Ruvidan is offline
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Ebay selling illegal copies of reason... Join in on the fun!

Drive me nuts...what's the deal? Do you guys feel the same way or what? People selling burned copies of reason and making $15-$150 a pop. Making $$ off of illegally copying their software.

I can go on Ebay any time of the day and find people selling illegal copies.

Mwahahaha, so I've been spending some time reporting them all. And I will continue to report them all ahahahaha.. because that's just insane. That'd be like me making an album, and you making hundreds off of me by selling copies that you had no part in.

I just got about 15 auctions booted mwahahaha..more to come... I think we should all keep our eyes peeled.. Come on...if these people actually paid props, they could have more resources to expand reason...

Come! Join in on the fun and brag about how many illegal auctions you have gotten closed down.

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