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sidechain compression has arrived.

Thank you for FINALLY adding this crucial component to your software. I have reworked some mixes the PROPER way now and its sounding f**king fantastic.

Thanks again, job well done, the new compressor sounds nice.

Now if you are looking for ideas for the next version, something I've been doing but having trouble with is using delay lines to flam percussion sounds. As it stands now I can use a delay with 100% wet and 0% feedback to create a 1-20ms delay but the problem is the stereo image of the percussion sound is lost when using this method, the output is strictly mono when doing this. if you could somehow retain the stereo image on the delay line or even better would be add 0% feedback 100% delays (1-50ms) on each channel in the mixer that would be truly amazing.

Using delays like this is crucial for creating attractive microdynamics and flattering flams on all drum sounds, it is crucial and is a very flexible (time saving) method of adjusting micro timing when you compare it with the alternative method with is moving around midi events which is a VERY time consuming way of achieving the same goal. And as it stands right now, there is no good way to do this. Mono drum sounds can be great but it sucks there is no way to retain the original stereo image.

And an external high pass filter is about the only other thing I can think of that this program needs.

Anyways sidechain compression is an amazing addition and more important then both the things I just mentioned.



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