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Old 2005-03-21, 03:41
invic invic is offline
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New AMBIENT track, because I am awesome :)

By awesome, I actually mean "horrendously busy" so I haven't had much time for Reason. Aack! But today I finally got a chance to dig into it and put some stuff together. Those of you familiar with my work know that I lean toward trance; well, today is a little different. I actually did something AMBIENT! I tried and tried not to do such a thing, but how could I resist the beautiful FSB Combi pads and textures?

So hit my website via the link below and look for "A Breath of Eternity". It's a bit short -- it's a one-day project in a genre unfamiliar to me, after all -- but I hope you'll enjoy it nonetheless.

That is all.

A Breath of Eternity @ Soulbound Trance

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