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Old 2005-03-23, 20:51
benb benb is offline
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One of my sounds from reason 2 sounds different in Reason 3

I'm loving reason 3 - them combinators are ace - feels much more organised.

But one thing I've noticed...
I loaded up the track I was working on in Reason 2 and one of the Subtractor sounds is different sounding.
It was a sound that I stumbled on by accident and it fitted well in my track when played through Reason 2. But in R3 it sounds out of time and more stretched (difficult to explain).

As you'll all know its hard to track these things down but its something to do with the phase of a subtractor sound that I am altering with the modulation wheel.

Anyone else experienced this and found a way to get the old sound back?

ta and take it easy

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