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Old 2005-03-26, 09:07
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Akai MPC Reason and Logic Pros PLEASE HELP!!!!

I have Logic Express 7 REASON 3.0 and a MPC 2000xl, I have it working but i need to work out some kinks. First I have the MPC controlling Logic Express and Logic controlling Reason via Rewire.

I am having a few issues. When I start the MPC or move the time line que using the MPC arrow buttons it works fine. When i push Play everything plays normally as well as long and I start it from the beginning of the song. But when i press stop the mpc and Logic stop but Reason 3 DOESNT stop unless i hit stop on the logic express controller bar. Is there a way i can make it stop when i hit stop on the mpc. I have everything runnign off the mpc midi clock but i think im missing a setting somewhere. I think i have heard that i wont be able to control the record button in logic using the mpc is that correct? Im prettyt sure i didnt have this problem in version 2,5

Also when i have the mpc set at a tempo of 120 ...logic and reason seem to work fine if i make it any lower logic and the mpc work fine but reason stays faster. The reason timeline tempo would be working off logic correct? but its not.

Im running reason,and LE on a power mac g4 with a korg microkontrol and a eps 16 plus as an extra keyboard midi together with a midiman 2x2 and the MPC 2000xl please help i have posted this on the akai boards and havnt heard anything

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