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Reason Drumkits problems (sort of).

Hey there everyone - first off, I bought the RDK refill and, as someone who ones both the original Drumkits From Hell, and the the Discrete Drums sample set, I have found that the sounds and formatting of this is kit is the best I have used so far - especially for the money - it would be nice if a bigger room were used in the large room samples, but they're good overall. Anyhow, I have 3 issues with the RDF and both have to do with the room and overhead sounds. First off - the open-close-hihat sounds - when using an open monophonic hihat directly before a closed hi hat (pedal or stick hit), you can cleary hear the open hihat sample get cut off by the closed in a very unatural way - you can't hear it in the close mics, but a big part of getting a big, realistic drum sound is in how you compress and bring out the room, and unfortunately, this brings out what might not otherwise be an obvious flaw. Additionally, only the semi-open hihat sounds natural when folled by a closed hi-hat - I realize that this is sort of an issue on all hyper-sampled kits and that including an open-to-closed hihat his was intended to remedy that situation, but it doesn't help all that much - especially when the tempo of the song calls for a quicker close. I have managed to work out away of working around this flaw, but it would be great if it were addressed in a future update of the refill. The other main issue I had is with the kick and snare sounds in the room and overhead mics - it seems that the kick in both those outputs is left heavy and the snare is right heavy - when attempting to bring out the room and overheads, it can throw of the percieved kick and snare placement in the mix. I assume that panning in the room and overhead outputs was not manipulated in any way, so, if that is how those drums were picked up naturally in the overheads and room, it would be very helpful if someone at Reason could maybe post the live room set up sheet from the session so Reason users can properly address the issue in there own mixes or within NN-XT itself. It would have been nice, at least with the room mics, to have an additional mono room mic to throw into the mix as well. If anyone from Reason could respond, it would be greatl

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