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Remote ReSucks!

Got 3.0 today...

Okay, loaded it up, did the registration email thingy, fine fine.

First off the MAIN reason (no pun intended) why I got 3.0 was becasue of the Remote feature...I didn't want to have to reprogram all my controllers on my M-Audio Radium 61 to work with the right parameters...

So, I try the thing out. It has a Radium 61 template. Wonderful...

Then I discover for some weird reason that 3.0 ONLY recognizes 4 controllers: Slider 2, Knob 10, Knob 13 and the mod wheel. That's it. WTF?

Lest I think there's something wrong with my MIDI controller, I try it out on another program. I fire up NI Kontakt and assign a parameter to one of the recognizes all of them.

So clearly it's a Reason issue. I go to the bug page and #7 reads:

7. There are also some minor Remote mapping errors.

Minor my ass. I feel like I wasted $129.

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