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Cent Amount Keyboard Tracking

Hi all!

A while back I created my own synthesizer (in reaktor 4) and I implented what I think is a nice feature: Cent Amount Keyboard Tracking

When fattening sound you can have the cent amount slightly different on both oscillators (Malstrom or Subtractor), let's say -10 and 10. This creates a sweeping sound. When playing high notes this sweeping sound gets irritating because it goes faster and faster. Result: no fat sound on all notes or fat sound on maybe 4 octaves.

[(reference note frequency) / (current note frequency)] * (cent amount) = the adjusted cent amount

This results a constant speed of the sweeping on all notes!! But I don't think it should be an on/off button because it reduces the fattening for high notes and increases the fattening on low notes (sometimes to much). I think it should be like the filter keyboard tracking on the subtractor, a knob. This way you can find a balance between fattening and sweep-speed that meets your needs! I'll leave the knob-mathematics to Propellerheads if this is ever going to be implented. I sure hope it will!


W. Schakel

PS. The combinator can be a "solution" to this problem. Copy your synth and adjust the cent amounts on the copies. Then assign the right notes to them. But a knob is much easier and better (or you have to create a synth for every note!) But even then, if you want to change your original sound, you'll have to do it on every synth. It's an irritating procedure...

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