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Speakers for Laptop

Ok, I have some Harmon Kardon speakers that were originally used on my Dell PC, but I just got a brand new Toshiba satellite to do my music work. I didn't want to use the built in speakers, so lazily I just hooked up an amplifier to my M-Audio pre-amp(which works as the comp's primary sound driver. I was just wondering if its possible to hook up the Harmon Kardon's through the pre-amp or something, because I don't get good sound out of the amp and I can't do bass or mastering well in my tracks because of this. The two right and left speakers hook into the subwoofer, but then here is my problem. Their are two plugins coming out of the subwoofer I need to connect to use the speakers. My PC had the inputs right in the back, but my laptop has no speaker inputs. Should I just get one of those double to single/2 to 1 adapters for the two wires and plug that into the preamp's audio input where my amp is plugged in. How do I go about this. Please help!

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