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how bout somr right click options...

..for the Rack and in the edit automation windows? (remember i got 2.5, so ionno whats new in 3.0 along the lines of this)

ionno bout you but even with the mouse set to vary precise and shift draging, some of the knobs still go up/down in sets of 2 or 4.8 to 5.1, when i try to get it to 5.0) not much of a diff i know. but what if right clicking on a knob/slider gave you a window to type in the value you want? most every knob/slider is 0 to 127 and the bipolar ones are -64/+63, so it would only requre 2 diff pop up windows be made.

then how bout some right click options in the edit automation sections. like you automating a fade in/fade out. you you hilight say a 1 bar, right click and have the option to select diff fade ins/outs. im sure they could program it to know when you at the end of a automation change or at the beginging, so you wouldnt get all the options everythime. like 'fade in' would be grayed out if you at the end of an automation change. seems almost too simple to be used huh? BUUUTT:

- have diff opeions within the options. like you want a fade out from 100% vol. hilight say 1 bar again in the automation edit window on the sequenser, right click go to fade out, then bam! some more options, say like:

-fade out
- fade to Zero
- fade to X
- fade to next automation change --always avalable?

and so you say...hmm...fade to X

Fade to X
- the old input window i just said pops up, inter say 25 so it fades from 100 to 25 over one bar...but its not done

-select fade
- slow
- fast
- smooth
- linear

i think it would make reason that much better for eaze of use? not saying you cant already do it but if you can do it in a few clicks insted of getting the line or pencil, drawing it out. zooming in to make sure your at 25 right on the dot; or recording in the automation, but with a long track making a long fade would become time consuming, time you could be working on that next tight mello to come in after the 2 min breakdown. then as always you can use it for other stuff, thus makinging complex fades, pans, and all automations that much faster.

the end.

wates for aplause...:chirp:chrip:?? lol

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