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Old 2005-04-12, 20:27
rubynit rubynit is offline
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Combinator - tabbed devices view & button behaviour.

I was thinking that it would nice if the combinator could switch to a tabbed view for its internal devices... so when the display devices view is enabled, it would only display one internal device (or 2 half-rack devices) with a set of tabs along the top (the top of the device area) for choosing an internal device panel to display. Sometimes I find myself wanting internal device panels from 2 or 3 different combinators visible, and with all of those set to device view (and thus fully extended) the length of the rack can make finding what you're after a bit cumbersome.

It would also be very useful if the combinator panel buttons could step through a range of values (ascending and/or descending), instead of just min-max values.

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