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Old 2005-04-13, 07:38
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To all Reason wizzards: Now who can give me a real fat bass?

For years I'm trying to get a real fat funky bass to use as an instrument in Reason and so far I haven't gotten any near at all. The only fat basses I have gotten so far are from sampling other tracks, which is rather impractical if you only want the pure bass sound and use that as an instrument to make your own melody.

There have been actually times that I was in doubt if Reason was capable of producing any fat funky club basses at all because frankly, I haven't found one so far from the rns/rps files uploaded in the song section of

So what do I mean with a really fat club bass? The kind of bass I'm looking for is the one you can hear in the track from Eric Prydz: "Woz Not Woz". For those who don't know this track, I've uploaded a sample here:

With Reason 3 my hope has been completely renewed so here's the challenge: Which of you wizzards is able to produce exactly that kind of bass as an instrument in Reason and is also willing to share that, preferably as an rns or combinator patch? I really want to learn from you guys and, with permission, possibly use it to create my own bass melodies for future use in tracks.

So, let me hear it! I would really appreciate it and with me probably many more.

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