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Random Control Generator Module

I've been playing alot with the random functions you can get from using SubTractor LFO 1 and Matrix random patterns.

The BIG problem is i cant control the range of randomness.

I want something that could be told to put out random numers between 1-32(typical matrix) or perhabs 1-127(typical midi events) or -32 to +32 etc...

If i set SubTractor LFO 1 to control pattern randomness on a matrix i would get numbers in range from 1-127 which leads to the random thing is NOT that random cause i would get alot of numbers higher than 32. The result is a matrix playing bank D-8 most of the time. Now if i could get a thing to tell matrix to ONLY randomize between bank A-1 (value 1 or 0) and D-8(value 31 or 32) then i would get the randomness i'm looking for.

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