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Extreme CV Manipulation Device

I think a good device to add to future versions of reason would be one to modify CV signals as follows:
1) A transpose function - increase/decrease CV signals by a certain amount of semitones/cents
2) Snap to scale - much like the key quantiser in the Nord Modular synth - forces CV signals into certain scales, and with the addition of an LFO, could be used to create the arpeggiators everyone seems to want, whilst allowing more creative control, eg for making completely random patches - noodles or something like that (computers don't generally know what sounds good :-p).
3) Range adjusting - contracting or possibly expanding the range of a CV signal, eg making the CV range 0 to 127 occupy the range 20 to 40.
4) S&H - The device has a number (8?) of additional CV outputs, and on every gate trigger, the current CV signal is sent to the first, the previous first is shifted to the second, second to third etc...
5) A standalone (well, almost) LFO generator, with various waveforms, phase adjust, delay, amplitude etc, without the CPU strain of a synth.
6) Threshold / Divert - splits a range of CV to a certain outputs, for example 0 - 63 goes to output 1, 64 to 128 goes to output 2. I know velocity crossfades can be done in the combi, but this would allow more that just velocity.

Just a few ideas that would make things a bit easier...

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