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Old 2005-04-19, 01:15
Realkuhl Realkuhl is offline
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Propeller Copy Protection is SUCH A PAIN

I'm moving from Los Angeles to Portland Oregon next week. I have already packed most of the loose things in my studio including all my master CDROMS - I'm finishing up some CRITICAL editing of my drum loop libraries for Stylus RMX's Xpander versions of my 2 drum loop libraries (Skippy's NoizBox and Skippy's Big Bad Beats).

I recently found a few things I need to re-edit to make them better and called up Recycle 2.0 - "PLEASE INSERT YOUR MASTER CDROM" message came up. It is packed away. I can't do this work.

I know of cracks that disable this message - so instead - those of us that use LEGIT copies of your applications get punshied.

I'm quite frustrated.... this is NOT the way to treat customers that pay real money for your amazing software. It's just not fair. I know this is the "worst case scenario" but I have many friends that tour the world, or work in lots of studios that also HATE your copy protection scheme. Again - it's cracked for those that want it already... could you please consider a system like many companies (Native Instruments, Spectrasonics and many others) that use a serial number that is authorized thru the internet with a grace period. I mean, if the master CDROM is not in the vicinity, there should at least be a 7 day grace period or something.

John Lehmkuhl

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