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More Easy Surface control Locking

I use Reason for liveact. To lock a control surface, I need a right click, scroll the menu (longh menu with some device) and select the surface control that I need to lock to this device. Maybe a better solution can be found (Keybord shortcut, customisable in the preference panel).

An other problem with control surface. On the sequencer, we can see on witch device the surface control send information, but on the rack, nothing !!!!

During live act, I dont use the sequencer all the time, so if i select an other device (directly with my control surface), why I dont see the change in the rack ?

A good solution, when we select a device directly on the control surface:

1. The device is visible on the screen (the windows scroll automaticaly)
2. The device is selected (like after mouse click)

Thanks for all your work

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