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Fixed Locations Suck ASS

Why do I need to take up (on PC) 3 spaces on that janky little "locations" partition (in the browser window) with DESKTOP, MY DOCUMENTS, and REASON FOLDER? I NEVER USE THESE LOCATIONS FOR ANYTHING PERTAINING TO REASON.

This is one of those things with Reason where I'm like, "What in the HELL were thy thinking?!"

It's so BIZARRE to me how this program is constructed on some levels. Like the whole absence of the big grey window...who the hell thought that up?!!

Why on EARTH would I want "Fixed Locations" that I can't remove from the window?! It's like Prop telling me how to use my program. Aside from that, you can't simply resize the "locations" partition!! COME ON DUDES. SERIOUSLY. WHAT THE HELL?

I love Reason soooo much, I defend it all the time, but there are certain things I think were done by angry programmers who obviously don't make music.

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