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Old 2005-04-25, 02:05
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Seeking submissions for a rather unusual video

I am about to begin work on a video showcasing a game a group I'm a member of plays twice a month, that is getting some major international media attention lately.

For information on us and the game, check out:

So, being that I have a background as a video editor for many years, I volunteered to make some sort of video for the group. I don't know yet what shape it will take exactly, but of course, music is to be a VERY big part of it! I considered writing something myself from scratch, or maybe using some of my old tracks, but I also thought this might be a great opportunity to see if anyone in Reason-land is interested in volunteering rights to one of their tracks for use in the video. Credit will of course be given (possibly MTV-style at the end of the video) but as this is a zero-budget group and activity, so there is no money involved. However with as much high-profile interest as we've been getting lately, your music WILL be heard by a LOT of people (the traffic to the first very quick & dirty video one member made was such that it took the site down).

So, the tracks don't have to be new, you are welcome to submit anything/everything you'd be willing to let be used for this non-commrecial purpose. Doens't even have to be Reason created, though I'm sure most of the submissions from here will be!

No guarantees that your track, or even ANY track, will be selected, and any non-selected tracks will not be used for ANY purposes.

Ideally, I'd appreciate the willing submissions ultimately be provided as a Reason native file so I can tweak things as needed, but i can work with audio files as well if need be.

Any questions, don't hesitate to post here or email me directly.

I look forward to hearing whatever you all are willing to send our way!

van kloot
Link to the current News about our group

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