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Rewire Channels Tied in 3.0?

I know this is a small issue but it bugs me soooo much. I like to use reason rewired into Cubase. I dislike the fact that in Reason, the first two channels are tied to make a stereo channel, but the rest of the channels are not tied. This means that in cubase, if I turn on rewire channel 1 or 2, a stereo channel will appeaar in Cubase's mixer, but if I turn on channel 3 or 4, then seperate mono channels appear in the hosts mixer. So when I have Dr Rex hooked up to 3+4, and I have a stereo .rx2 file loaded, then in cubase I have to Pan 3 left and 4 right. This so far is not a big deal, but the only reason why I would bypass the mixer in Reason in the first place would be to apply VST effects to a Reason device. You see, now if I want to run that DRRex into NI's Spektral Delay, then I have to do one of two things. Either open up an instance of S. Delay in both 3 and 4, or I would have to create a group Channel and run the outputs of 3 and 4 into it, then apply S. Delay to the inserts of the group channel. Either way, it gets to be a mess of channels in my mixer. Another reason why I am asking for all channels to be tied in pairs is because I know it is possible. I have Demos of both Project 5 and Ableton Live and both of them have ALL their rewire channels in pairs.
So, does anybody know if this feature is in 3.0?
And if not, I think this would be a great addition to Reason's next update!!!

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