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Need help with Trance production

What's up yall,
I just posted a trance track on my soundclick. I am not real confident in this song and I need some help.
Anyway this is my first full on attempt at a trance song and it came out decent. What I need to know is if the lead has too much range on the notes or not enough, and is it catchy at all. Basically is it a good trance lead. Also I don't think that the song has enough energy and I was wondering if there were any suggestions on how to add a little more to the track. Also I like a little wait until the song really starts up, but if you think that the song goes for too long, say so.
The lead is what I am mainly concerned with.
Any suggestions good or bad are helpful.
By the way I am sure the end of the song has been cut off by Soundclick because the track is around 8 minutes.
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