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Reason 3.x feature: "Save as 2.5"

I think that would be helpful if Reason could analyze a file and determine if it is possible to use in Reason 2.5... if so, when you go to "save as", you would get the option to save as a Reason 2.5 file instead of a Reason 3.0 file. If you used any Combinators or M-Class devices, etc... then the "save as Reason 2.5" option would be ghosted out and unavailable. Or, it would tell you what tracks and/or devices are NOT 2.5 compatible, and give you the option to remove the devices and leave the track data there, or even better, explode the Combinator out into the primary rack and duplicate tracks to "emulate" what the combinator was doing... not possible for every combinator device, but... who knows.... just thinking.

I for one would use that for sure. I have friends that I'd like to share my creations with, and with 3.0 I can't work with their 2.5. I'm currently in this situation with the kids CD I'm working on with my friend Andy. I'm on 3.0 with my G4 tower, and he's on 2.5 with his G5 tower. I have to work on 2.5 on my Powerbook G3 or Powerbook G4 instead of my G4 tower because I need to be able to save as a 2.5 file. I'll eventually get off my lazy duff and install Reason 2.5 on a Mac OS 9 partition I have on my G4 tower... it would make life easier, but I haven't gotten that far yet.
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