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Unkown Exception? The one

Man. What's happening? Reason 3 Build 415 is crashing all over the place. This is damn poor. And the "1) Keyboard Control" and "8) "Unknown Exception" on startup (Windows only)" mentioned in the bug list just don't cover it.

I've just upgraded my copy of Reason 2.5 to version 3 and it cost a tidy sum.

But nothing works!

As soon as I start deleting and adding devices I run into problems. I'm working fine until I delete a device and add in another one.

When I come to browse for patches for the new device, I get nothing. I think the exception must be in the new browser, because it doesn't give the temorary disk activity before it usualy displays the browser. It just sits there. I try to minimize Reason and the restore reason and lurking in the background is a:

"Unkown Exception" - "OK" Dialog.

No. It's NOT "OK". What the hell does it mean.

I've check out the bug list and its a brand new song I'm talking about with no 'keyboard' mapping what-so-ever.

At the moment, I've only got it set up with a basic (other) MIDI keyboard running through a Soundblaster MIDI port.

I've also checked my .dll files as suggested. I removed the ones from my c:\windows\system32 directory as the bug list suggests. Nothing. Same error.

Personaly I think this is a much bigger issue than they're letting on. I'm gona try backing up all my refills and see if it's that next. But I have to say, I'm at a loss.

Like I say, fresh installation, don't even use keyboard mapping and never have. Do "File/New", add mixer and a few samplers, delete a sampler, add another sampler, go to browse patches again. There's the damn error message. As for any proceeding attempt to load a patch, I get the same damn error. Have to quit Reason and start again. Does this mean I have save/quit and reload EVERY time I want load add a device? Looking that way. Just hope it loads my song back up without loading whatever bug is causing the error, or we're totaly screwed. Maybe I can create an original tune in one sitting?

If anyone has any suggestions it would be very kindly appreciated.

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