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Old 2005-05-05, 21:32
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Curious about 3rd party combinator involvement.

I'll be getting 3.0 on my next paycheck and had some thoughts after fiddling around with my friends laptop. Overall 3.0 is thumbs up and the combi patches rocked. My thoughts are about purchasing more refills with additional combi patches. What does the future hold us Reason users? I think 3.0 is on target to compete with the best workstations around (hard and soft), but it won't happen until there are tons of really, really professionally designed combi patches. This is definitely the "gem" of 3.0 and I'm sure some other companies will be copying this technique. I'm not a sound designer, but I've made my own patches in 2.5 and expect to do so in 3.0. However, a true sound designer like Eric Persing or someone similar would proabably catapult the patches of the Combinator to unsurpassable heights. Until then, I'll start becoming acquainted with 3.0, but just wondered if anyone knew of any combi libraries on the horizon.
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