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Fix control surface use when rewired

If you have multi-client midi devices, Reason and a Rewire host currently have no way of gracefully sharing MIDI devices.


On a Mackie Universal control or similar type of control (Yamaha 01x etc) agree on a key between Reason and the Rewire host on the control surface that will toggle which app currently owns the control surface.


In Reason there should be a config option to disable use of certain control surfaces when Rewired - if you can only use the control surface in a single app, then the Host app makes more sense (or separate application config files for Rewired and Stand-alone - this is probably the easiest fix as then use just disables shared control surfaces once when rewired, but doesnt loose them when stand-alone)

Additionally, when rewired, Reason will of course still accept midi input from keyboards and play whatever device is currently selected. This mean that if recording MIDI in the DAW only (for a hardware synth or VST soft synth etc) then you have to create a blank track in Reason and make that the current input device to stop Reason from using the MIDI input.

Im not sure if there is a graceful alternative to that - maybe a big red button on the hardware interface to enable/diable all physical midi interface use?

The same problem applies the other way as well - ie in the DAW - you often end up making a blank midi track just as input sinks.

Only current work around for main control surafce is go into Reason config when you start it rewired and completely disable it - which mean you have to re-enable it when you next start Reason stand alone after spending a few minutes wondering why it isnt working

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