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Old 2005-05-07, 23:21
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let's share this : multiband processing

many of you probably already figured out how the stereo imager can be used to create an advanced multiband processor.

for (N) bands you need (N - 1) stereo imagers.

say you want to create a 5-multiband processor like Waves L3 (12db/octave seperation between bands - with more you can do... more).

create 4 stereo imagers and set to SOLO HI BAND. Starting from top with highest frequency band to bottom with lowest frequency band:

each stereo imager's SEPERATE OUT LOW signal should be connected to the input of the next stereo imager. combining all in a combinator with a line mixer, you feed the first stereo imager (highest frequency) with the combinator's TO DEVICES, the combinator's FROM DEVICES with the line mixer output and all seperators output to the channels of line mixer. don't forget the SEPERATE OUT of the LAST stereo imager. now, applying an effect to these signals before reaching the line mixer, you may create a multiband compressor... etc...

HEY, HEY, I forgot that you must adjust the X-Over frequency of each stereo imager starting from the highest frequency and going to the lowest as you move down.

For 5 MB processing, I would suggest:

- SI-1.X-Over Freq: 3.95 kHz
- SI-2.X-Over Freq: 1.60 kHz
- SI-3.X-Over Freq: 485 Hz
- SI-4.X-Over Freq: 185 Hz

So you get 5 bands:

3.95 kHz to full
1.60 kHz to 3.95 kHz
485 Hz to 1.60 kHz
185 Hz to 485 Hz
zero to 185 Hz

Now all you have to do is save the patch and use it as an effect combinator. don't forget, you may also automate the rotaries and buttons to make it easier on adjustment for multiband compression etc... but since this MB device will have so many things to tweak, it is better to keep the rest manually.

I thank propellerheads for creating such a nice device as the stereo imager: the signal is quality lossless - I've played with it a lot of time to confirm this. connect 100 stereo imagers in a row. no loss - this confirms that the signal does not 'mutate' as the 'mutation' would propagate and be enhanced. it's mathematically cooooorrect:

original = low + high
low = original - high
high = original - low

happy multiband processing

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