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Old 2005-05-09, 02:15
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New Track by Dance FX 21 - Be on the Beat! - Available on So

*Be on the Beat!* falls into the same category as *Mechanised!* in that it?s pure dance, but that is where most of the similarities end! The track is extremely futuristic and involves not only robotic synths, but also pitch modulation in slow motion which is very effective. Another very interesting thing is that one of the robotic synths sound as if it?s literally saying *Be on the Beat!* in various sections, and this is where the name of the track was derived from. A significant departure from *Mechanised!* and *Fluctuations!* is the apeggiated synth on the high end which contributes to the dance theme for much of the track. The overall sound is also very clean especially where there?s a dramatic diversion from the main theme.

Like *Mechanised!* and *Fluctuations!*, the song features plenty of infill percussion and what would I do without my pet synth: Kick Butt!!! The track also has a gritty character to it although it isn?t very metallic, but all tracks can?t be the same. The break section features an interesting combination of both a saw synth and a warm pad.

*Be on the Beat!* is available by using the link below. Unusual breaks are a feature of the track, so if it doesn?t sound right on the first listen, please give it another try. Also, does the apeggiated synth sound OK, or is it too screechy for listener comfort? In any case, I think there are a few loose ends to be tied up, so I?ll probably update the track in a week or two. Meanwhile, its snagging time, so any comment or suggestion is welcome.


Dance FX 21

Be on the Beat!

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