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Funk Studio Demo Song

A short demo track I made while working on a couple of combinator patches for a ReFill I'm trying to put together. The idea is modeling the different pieces of equipment you'd find in a studio and putting them together in a somewhat useable format.

One of my biggest pet peeves is reverb -- when you mic a source using one mic, the "reverb" you hear will be panned with the source. After listening for awhile to some drum tracks through the RV-7000, I realized that what was bothering me was that all the reverb reflections came back from the center of stereo field, which sounds very fake. So, I set out to design a drum kit in a combinator that would sound something like how a real kit sounds when miked. Just for kicks I also added "bleed" -- you send in an external source (say, a bass or a guitar) and it gets routed to the seperate drum "mics". I couldn't think of another way to do this aside from using a 14:2 mixer and controlling the level to the drum "mics" via the aux sends.

Anyway, this is my first attempt and it'll go through quite a bit of refinement before it's done. When all the patches I want to make are done, I'll put them in a ReFill and post them for download. The main motivation behind all this is to take the stock Reason sounds and do some rather un-stock but usable things with them. I hope you enjoy the demo.
Funk Studio Demo

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