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Tracktion and Tempo


I hope someone can help.

I know that many people use Tracktion (myself included) with Reason (via ReWire) to get audio into their mix, however my query relates to tempo.

I know that you can change the song tempo in Tracktion by clicking on the tempo bar across the top of the page, and you can insert a tempo change at the curser point. You can also 'ramp' the change in tempo gradually, however this is still too 'broad brush' for what I need to do.

I need to make more subtle changes to the tempo throughout the piece and was wondering if this is possible with Tracktion. As yet, I have been unable to find a way of 'drawing in' tempo changes like you can, in say, Cubase (which I can't afford!).

Does anyone know, is there a way to do this in Tracktion that I've missed?

Many thanks in advance.

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