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Old 2005-05-18, 23:28
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MIDI click via USB while normal outs thru sound card - iBook


Can anyone tell me if with Reason I can output a midi click via a USB port to an external midi device, while the rest of the song is using the regular sound card. I want to do this is because my drummer follows a click track, and up until now what we've been doing is panning all the music to one side while the click was panned on the opposite side, where the drummer would hear both and the side of the music would be going thru the PA, but this always means mono, I would like for the full mix to be in stereo in the PA so I'm looking for a way to isolate the midi click, thinking that perhaps the best option would be to send a click channel via a USB port to an external device. But I don't know how or if this can be done.

Any help is appreciated.

My equipment: ibook with two USB's and one Firewire, os x 10.2.8, MBox, Digidesign CoreAudio (that Reason reads)

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