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Note-On messages for Remote Control

There is an interesting conundrum in 3.0 that didn't exist in 2.5, primarily from the numerous changes to remote control and midi implementation. I have a control surface (Tascam US-428) that transmits Midi Note messages when a button is pressed. When I set up this control surface in preferences, I basically must choose between a "keyboard" (which it isn't) and a control surface (multichannel options are different versions of the same type). The control surface option doesn't pass through note messages, so, for instance, I can no longer route my US-428 play button to Reason's play button. If I set it up as a "keyboard with controllers" device, then, yes, I can map it to Reason's play button. However, if anything is selected in the sequencer window, I also get a note sounding! Fortunately, most of my remote control is through Ableton's Live, but I did have some buttons routed to Reason in my old setup, and it would be nice, for instance, to be able to route some mute or select buttons to a Mixer in Reason 3.0 like I did in 2.5. In the meantime, I'm just not using the buttons in Reason.

Solution #1 - accept note messages in "control surfaces" and allow them to be used for remote mappings, but either block or make it an option to block these messages from being sent as actual sounding notes to instrument devices (NNXT, etc) currently selected in the sequencer. This would still allow CC messages on the control surface to be recorded in the sequencer if desired.

My favorite solution - Solution #2 - Allow me to choose one device (and maybe allow me to limit it to one midi channel) for controlling the sequencer, separate from what I use for remote control. This was possible in Reason 2.5 under the Midi page of Preferences.

Solution #3 - Allow the input designated as the "master keyboard" to be the only squencer input. This allows the separation of Remote Control from Sequencer input that was the norm in 2.5, and people could just choose "use no master keyboard" if they don't like that.

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